Urgent message from wvof

Hi all, unfortunately due to the inclement weather our in studio technician won’t be able to make it to the WVOF studios for tonights game…. We are going to be simulcasting the WICC broadcast on on our wvof iPhone app under our web studio streams… we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience but the safety of our student technicians is our primary concern.  We sincerely hope everyone understands!

what’s important is that if you go to our LISTEN LIVE page and click on the WEB STUDIO STREAM you won’t be able to hear the game! it’s only available here:  http://staff.fairfield.edu/wvof/iphone/streams/mobileweb.m3u

this will work on your computer AND your mobile device!

in other news, when it rains it pours…. Or when it snows it blizzards… The fm studio stream on the wvof app is down for the time being, we are working feverishly to get it updated and fixed.. Thanks for your patience and be safe if you have to travel in tonights storm. Thank you


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