Thursday February 24th marks FEBRUARY MADNESS here at WVOF – our 12 hour marathon broadcast starts at 1PM and will feature interviews with many hall of fame alumni, current players and coaches and Stag’s sports insiders. Reminisce the past 60 years of Stags basketball with our hosts and guests and get hyped up for the Friday night game against Siena and the upcoming MAAC Tournament with insight from Stag’s insiders and our very own WVOF sports team.  We’ll also be counting down the top 12 moments from the Men’s and Women’s season each hour so tune in and stay locked for all 12!

Tune in from 1pm to 1am and be a part of the show! give us a call at 203 254 4111 to add your own game predictions and favorite basketball memories. Don’t want to talk on the radio? Send WVOF a text with your thoughts to (203) 450 – WVOF(9863) and we’ll read your texts on the air!

Tune in and GO STAGS!

For those of you who can’t tune in, we’ll be recording the entire broadcast and hosting it for everyone to download and listen…

Broadcast lineup after the jump!

1:15- Jessica Grossarth
1:30- Pina
1:45- Joe Desantis 

2:00- Brent Wall
2:30- Gene Doris
2:45 Pat Yerina

3:00- Tom McCorry Interview
3:15-Eddie Muniz
3:30- Dominic DaPonte
3:45- Jack O’Connel

4:00- Steve Balkun
4:15- Gail Strumpf
4:30- Mike Evanovich
4:45- Bob Heussler

5:00- Craig Moorer
5:15- Ralph Rehn
5:30- Derek Needham
5:45- Troy Bradford

6:00- Yorel Hawkins
6:15 Joe Miko
6:30- Joelle Nawrocki
6:45- Dianne Nolan

7:00- Ryan Olander
7:15- John Ryan
7:30- Katelyn Linney
7:45- John Cummings

8:00- Maurice Barrow
8:15- Kim Fisher
8:30- Brittany MacFarlane
8:45- Bill Paxton

9:00- Jamel Fields
9:15- Mark Young
9:30- Katie Cizynski
9:45- Holli Tapley

10:00 Taryn Johnson
10:30 Flip Williams
10:45 Chris Elsberry

Plus many more being added every minute!



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